Mission…Promote well-being and personal fulfillment with life coaching and teaching therapeutic and holistic techniques that can be done anywhere

No more fretting. No more guessing. I will help you to choose the paths within your reach to enhance your daily joy and well-being.

Paths to Healing

Illuminating the paths toward well-being

In-Home Services

Identify strategies that enable individuals to modify their homes, thereby maximizing their ability to participate in daily tasks/activities safely. Regain more independence, confidence, and self-direction.

Healing Studio

Stimulate, heal, and increase vitality with my approach to total body health and wellness. Address pain, stress, restlessness, focus, mobility, physical strength, and more. Pick-up the shoe, stop waiting for it to drop.

Life Coaching

Define, embrace, and enjoy new life direction, synergy, and fulfillment through values, self-regulation, and strength to achieve the goals you set. Get more out of your life starting today.


Any Path

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